Yes I know I have to take some responsibility and the initial choice was my mistake BUT.
I am at the Belgium Airport and getting to was so easy and apart for the fact that there where only two counters processing all the travellers for my flight reasonably painless. after all I am used to Sydney airport and I thought I had seen the worst, but wait, got to the customs line and for the first time ever for me had to remove shoes not a good look for me but we wont discuss my feet here. Anyway the bells go off and I am the centre of interest for all those about me. What was occurring I hear you ask well I had packed my chosen bottle of Westmalle Classic dark and whit Belgium Beers in my carry on case instead of my other bag to go in the hold. I just never gave it a thought, silly bugger I expect seasoned travellers are saying and fair point, but it goes on, he then decided to remove my spray on smellies – said it was more than 100mls, no I say I bought it particularly because it was a 100mls and therefor legal but it wasnt clearly shown so he said I could appeal but I might not finish before the plane left. So I cut my losses abonded my beer and mans scent and went to the boarding gate-and yes you guessed it, walked passed a duty free shop selling similar beer which if I had bought there they would put in a plastic bag and taped it up and I could have carried it on the plane I could have also bought perfumes and lotions twice the size of the one confiscated. Now I dont know if you think its a bit a fiddle but I know what I think. And just so we all know how even every thing is the women in the seat next to me had a 250ml bottle of coke which was drinking during the flight, and the bloke in front of her had three bottles of Belgian Beer to my two.
But it doesnt end here upon arriving aty tge Dublin Airport The only major airport in the world that I know of where the plane lands in the middle of the paddock and you have to walk into the terminal. Got to the customs where there was a long lineup which while it did have eight booths only two where in operation when after a good half hour in the line the customs officer who hadnt heard of our hotel so held up the queue while he phoned to see if it existed
However to end on a sort of high note had a pint of Southwich Irish Ale which wasnt all that bad

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  1. Ray says:

    I told you airports are evilLucy

  2. Alice says:

    Ahhhh to to be sure to be sure you'llbe fine after a few pints o the black stuff.

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