Well that just about finishes me with Belgium I am off to Dublin tomorrow and to a possibly whole different world of beer styles
Apart from whatever I might have with dinner I have had a Maes I suppose it is a lager style beer a Leffe Bruin An Orval and a St ???? Blonde, the beer in the picture I cant for the life om think of the name , and it was the blonde which was the standout for me today as the Orval was a bit heavy for the middle of a hot day beer while the Blonde was much easier drinking for the time.I had the Orval and the Blond at the Falstaff beer cafe which is an old art deco style cafe and while I was there was very quiert and peaceful and I was able to drink my beers and read a few pages of my book. If I get the opportunity to come to Belgium again I will have to do my home work better. I think I did alright at Ghent and Brugge but wasn’t able to get into the parts of the country where most of the breweries are and I think I would possibly have to stay in a place other than Brussels. I also think I could have done better here in Brussels if I had done more preperation in advance. Maybe thats a reason to come back. The final beer was a .25l Jupiler another lager which didnt do much for me. So Ireland here I come, for a couple of days anyway
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