I managed I think to try all five of the Kolsch’s sold in Cologne The ones I came across where S-ION Kolsch-:PAFFGEN Kolsch;GAFFEL Kolsch which appeqars to be the biggest in town;REISDORF Kolch and FRUH Kolsch, That is all there is in my notes , I may have missed one or two but only because I never saw them. I didnt think there was much differance between these beers , maybe a slight colour differance but they tasted to me pretty much the same. If there was much between them in taste it was too suble for me and as I never got a chance to compare them directly I had to relay on memory when it comes totaste this is not the best option for me. I was suitably impressed with the dinky little .2l glasses the beer was nearly always served in but like everything just when you get used to one thing someone comes along and changes tings by using a .3l and in one case a.4l glass and once even a thin glassed water type tumbler. When asking for ein bier, Kolsch is what you wanted and Kolsch is what you got, In some places it was that or nothing. I think I got everything I could expect out of Cologne and I have walked around the Dom cathedral enough times to allmost to be able to paint it, and I cant paint, one thing noticeable about Cologne is that it appears to have more homeless than anywhere else, either that or they where just more noticeable.
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