I am out of order again but I have just returned from a day trip to Dusseldorf. Dusseldorf the home of Altbier, I dare say that some people may not see much of a difference between Alt and Kolsch biers and it may be a fair assumption I don’t think there is, and any that there is to me is hard to pick. I will have a go though, Altbier is darker and seemed to have what I am guessing is the hoppy taste more at the beginning of the drink than at the end like the Kolsch, here they are both served in .2l or .25l glasses though one Alt beer just to be different was in a .4l glass. I managed to get to all four of the breweries that where mentioned on the tourist map, there may have been more but that was enough for one day anyway. The first was the Uerige Hausbrauerei which had the brewery on the premises, and you could smell the malt as you walked in. It was a quaint place apart from me I think only locals there scrubbed pine tables seating about ten or twelve; the table I sat at had a pronounced downhill slope and was wider at the high end than it was at the low end. The bar served Altbeir as far as I could gather no other beer was available, soft drink coffee maybe wine but Altbeir or nothing and it was drawn strait from the cask as it was in the next place which was the Fuchen Alt, I am not sure if the brewery is on site for this one. Perhaps not so quaint but still a locals place with the beer straight from the cask. While I ws there the cask blew and I was hoping for some great beefy cellarman to come and wrestle the barrel below and hoist the next one up but sadly to say it didn’t work like that, a pulley system lowered it down and the next one came up in its place and not a cellarman to be seen. Then came the Zum Schlussel Hausbrauerei another barrel on the counter place. Followed by the SchumacherAlt again, barrel on the bar and brewery on the premises with the brewery smells maybe even more intense than the first one. Again a cask blew while i was there with a similar arrangement for the replacing it though this time I saw a very large waiter carrying a half sized barrel to a customer who had just bought it and who was having a harder time carrying it than the waiter was. I have a lot of catching up to do but I haven’t access to wifi where I am staying so am relying on the internet cafes. Perhaps I can get Cologne off at the same time
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