Today I went to Schneider Weisse Bruahaus, and this was the standout place for me. I started with a Schneider Weisse Tap7 Unser Original: a very nice wheat with all the lolly bananas you come to expect then came a Schneider Weisse Tap2 Mein Kristall a perfrctly filtered clear drop and the first of many if you stuck to it Tap 4 A Schneuder Weisse Mein Grunes a slightly darker beer with the taste of citrus and an quite effervescent bier came next Schneider Weisse Tap5 Meine Hopfenweisse which was also an effervescent bier darker than the Tap4 Then Tap 6 and by this time I was getting a little tapped out, this was the Schneider Weisse Tap5 Unser Aventtinus a dark and sticky honey like bier very nice but I don’t think I could have had to many of them at one sitting. With dinner I had a couple of Augustiner Brau Mundhen Helles , and the reason I had these was because the waiter wouldn’t let me have anything else, said everything else came in bottles and why not stick with the best, at least I think that was what he said. These where nice biers in themselves but I preferred the earlier beers, a matter of taste I suppose. I also met another sea captain and a nun while having dinner, an odd combination or then perhaps not got into a conversation or as much a one as you can have across languages and was eventually joined by the Serbian barman who insisted on shouting sliviovitch ‘s all round, interestingly the nun knocked hers back as well as the barman . There is a big inter church rally going on in town this week as far as I can understand it is to discuss the shortage of babies.. I am hear to drink a bit of beer and the topic of the church getting people to have babies is to deep for me.

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