There must be a brewery down there somewhere

I am now in Prague – A big jump from my last post which probably leaves a few things out and will have to go back but. I know I said I wasnt going to try for any breweries in Prague and that I was just going to sample the standard brew. Well the most common beer appears to be Pilsener Urquell and Staropramen, Koyzel and a few Erdinger . Well the only one I have tried sp far is Urquell and a couple of Staropromen and both were crap. I know, my books also say that Urquell is a class beater beer, not in my book it isnt at least not any longer, I found it bitter metallic and acrid and to my way of thinking all the bad points stay with you for hours How sad I hear you cry, well not really beacause there is a flourishing micro breweery movement happening. I went to one today something or other Sady and had the three best beers I have had in Prague and they could rival a few of the Bamberg beers I had a Kral Sumavy Svetly Lezak: a Klosterman Polotmany Levak; and a Klosterman Poltomany Levak, at least that is what I wrote down off the beer list; anyway starting with the first which is a light coloured lageerf style beer no big kick in the head taste but an easy drinking beer which might be a problem at over 5% abv the second is a copperry coloured beer with more taste at first than the earlier beer but still a very drinkable beer at about the same abv, this is my favorite, a near black stout looking beer with a big creamy head, subtle taste which stayed with you for a while and at lesat as big if not biggerthen the other two. At this moment I cant remember the name of the place but it was was just off Slezska street and Sumavska street. If I remember more I will add it
Tonight I went to the Pvovarski Dum not speaking the language it is hard to get any information on the beers so I can only use my opinions for what they are worth The first two where classed as classic Czech Style Lagers one light which relates to colour and one dark and one dark or if you prefer a Svelte Male and a Tmave Male , both very easy drinking and which could be considered a sessions beer. The dark had definite hints of chocolate . The next two where a Rye Ale and a Bock Beer, or Zitny Ale and a Wozlik ;the rye was darker than the svetle , served at a warmer temperature, was sticky but then so was the glass and I don’t know which caused what and I thought is had asuggestion of both citrus and honey which may have accounted for the stickyness
The last beer was Psenicne or a wheat beer this was a bit confusing a beer I thought as I couldn’t detect any particular banana but was told by others it was there but there was a definite spice about which eluded me as I couldn’t decide on cinnamon or nutmeg
I leave tomorrow a shame because from a beer point of view It took me a day to get started so I could probably easily fill a couple more days but no matter, back to Germany and I will be in Munich tomorrow afternoon. I don’t know how much space I can use in the forum so I will backdate Bamberg and Frankfurt later
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