Well here I am in the land of beer Fankfurt and Bamberg are behind me and I am now in Prague I can only update this when I wifi is available

But to start with here is a list of beers so far encountered with a few of my observations and the names of the breweries where I could

The list is an early draft and I will have top up date it regularlyand probably correct it occassionally

Beers Frankfurt
Sion Kolsh ;200ml Market Beer Stand :Kristal clear sparkling v.good
Kulmbacher Premium Pils Lunch at Romer clear v.good
Kapuziner Wheat Beer Lolly banana notes very nice heavy filling
Dark Bavarian Beere (Bock) dark beer chocolate notes heavy one glass enough
Apfel Weine
Diner Beer Hall near Hotel
Lichen Weizen Dunkle dark; heavy; roast malts no chocolate heavy good
Binding Pils mass market pils good but ordinary for here
Hannan Alt Beir Lunch at Romer darker than I expected good lunch beer
Bock Beir Dark; heavy; chocolate; malts v.good
Pils mass market beer
Apfelwein x 2 at a market stall one with Strawberry
Kessenberg Pils Beir Strasse
Pils Kristal; good; great pub; tiny; interesting locals
Pinot Blanc from Alsace
Henninger Pils
Bitburger Pils and harlot Mass market
Binding Romer Pils OK but bottled not what I am here for

Friday Bamberg
Gold pils Fassla; very nice; Kristal; easy drinking
Rausbeir Spezial; milder than others terrific beer; sessions
Weizen Maisel nice beer similar to other wheats; sessions
Pils KaiserDom; Kristal; some bitter: easy drinking nice
Kellerbier Kaiserdom; easy drinking; v.good

Kellerbier Brown Klosterbrau
Black Klosterbrau
Vollbier Brauerei Greifenklau which they call Kellerbier v.good
Brauerei Greifenklau
Ambrausianum Hell Ambrausianum; nice enough but I don’t think it was particularly special
Hell Mahrsbrau
Ungespundet Mahrsbrau

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