It is my first day in Frankfurt Germany today and have spent the day wandering around and geting used to the place – that really means getting lost. Taking into consideration jet lag I have not had a large amount of beer. My first beer of the day was from a beer stall in a market. A good ambieance with the various venders trying to out do themsleves spruiking theiir wares in gravlly voices over loud speakers. I had a couple of small Kolsh, s in 200ml glasses which I would have liked to pinch but that wouldnt have been right I then had a Heffewizen and a dark beer from Bavaria- I tried to find out more about it but that was all I could get. I* then had a weizen dubkel with dinner and that should be it for today. I hope to be able to attach a photo tomorrow and wioll try to remember on each entry
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  1. Ray says:

    maybe wait until later in the trip to pinch the glassesLucy

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