Dissapointed with Gearins Galley

Its been awhile since I added anything to these pages so I have a bit of catching up to do
A few weeks ago I went to the Gearins Hotel in Katoomba. This was during the Blues festival so there was a bit of a crowd in town
Three of us had intended to have a meal and a beer at the pub, so we arrived about 6.15. We were told the dining room proper had been booked for a private function but could eat in the bar or anywhere else we could find space. They gave us a menu and we went off to find a table and get a beer and decide on what to order. after about 5 minutes I went back to place the order and was told that the kitchen was closed. I pointed out that it was not yet 6.30 and the response was that the chef had closed the kitchen in order to cater for the function
So I asked why they had bothered to tell us to find some where to sit and give us menu’ if they had no intention of serving us. The waitress while not exactly being downright rude was argumentative and had quite an aggressive attitude, and told me that it was the chefs decision, that it had taken closer to ten minutes and not the five minutes I had claimed it was, to return with our orders and that there was nothing she could do about it.
If a chef cant handle a pre-booked function as well the daily run of diners, he or she should be thrown out on their arses
This is the second time I have had trouble with the meals side of the Gearins pub, I seriously doubt that I will try a third time
While I have definitely not been back for a meal I have been back for a beer as I quite like the Gearins as a pub and, at the moment anyway, they have a Leffe on tap

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