I stayed overnight in Glebe Point Road while down for the Rockabilly show and whilst there I went to the Toxteth Hotel and the AB Hotel. The Toxteth was a pretty normal city pub with a couple of Coopers and a Boags on tap. The AB however is a strange unit, they had twenty one beers on tap I think but it was hard to work out exactly what sort of a pub it was trying to be, as it seemed to have a weird assortment. They where featuring two house beers, – an AB lager which was about as interesting as any other beer for the masses beers available and an AB wheat beer, the odd thing was that while making a bit of a splash about having these beers, actually they didn’t, they had run out of the wheat, both of the beers where advertised as on special and while I was there I noticed that nearly everybody was asking for them. Another case of the pubs not seeming to quite know what they are doing
I also went to a couple of pubs in Surry Hills, The Crown Hotel which didn’t do it for me, it looked to small and poky if there had been any sort of a crowd, The Clock hotel which I walked in and walked out of because I was looking for a pub lunch and it was bit pricey and wanky for me. A place across the road I cant recall the name of – thy had a reserved function on and while I could have got something to eat there I didn’t want to have to compete with someone else,s party. So we ended up at the Cleveland, and lunch there wasn’t too bad.
I did expect a bit better from Surry Hills pubs but maybe I went to the wrong ones this time around

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