I went to the Manning Bar at the Sydney University to see a Rockabilly show – Kitty Daisy and Lewis – a young group from England – The show was one of the best I have seen in a long time made particularly good by the fact that a lot of the audience turned up in fifties style which in my opinion makes pretty girls prettier and a damn sight more interesting .
The Manning Bar however was dogs breakfast, the show was advertised to start at eight o’clock so the doors didn’t open till after eight even though there were people around to do so
Some people like myself had turned up expecting that we would be able to get a meal and a beer before show start as their site suggests but that was not on so we had to hike across to the Alexander hotel in City road – not the biggest walk but in that heat and dressed up for a night out – not the best plan. When eventually we did get in the bar hadn’t been set up fully so the staff where trying to serve beers and get ready at the same time has having deep and meaningfull’s about some bitch who had dobbed one of them in about something or other, the outside area was still left as it was after the last time it was open, benches all up against a couple of tables with other tables having no benches at all so we had a couple of tables that could seat twenty odd and other tables with no seats – Good management Manning Bar if you had attended the business courses in your own uni you would fail
When I went for a shout after the support act which would have made it about ten o’clock or two hours after doors open – one of the staff was running around getting new plastic beer tumblers which was all that was being used and he excused himself saying that they had been caught out by the crowd and so there insufficient everything including staff. Bullshit! Manning Bar you are just damned inefficient and useless, We had bought our tickets weeks ago, there where two separate groups from Wollongong that I know of- I bet they didn’t just turn up on the off chance A good half of the girls had taken the trouble to dress in the fifties style, they wouldn’t have done that on the off chance either. And to cap it all off they where charging six dollars for a plastic kiddie cup of beer which I would have a lot of trouble believing was a true schooner.
I would guess that the Manning Bar lost out on thousands by fact that they didnt open early enough for meals and by not having enough staff to maximise drink sales. All I can say is ” serves them bloody right”

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