I visited this pub last Sunday on the way back from the Bitter and Twisted Festival

Stupidly I forgot to take photograph of it so will have to fix that up later

I think this is one of my favorite pubs certainly one of the best in this list so far

It is old and a bit crumbly – in need of a paint job and maybe a few level surfaces but it has the best ambiance

This pub has had great music during the few visits I have made to it and by the notices it seems as though music is a regular event

It also has a good pub bar menu

I didn’t spend any time checking the dining room out in depth

I had ordered a combo plate for two, this is something I believe should be mandatory for all pubs but is rarely available – a platter with a base a cross between chips or wedges – I think I will call them chedges – with a few spring rolls fish bites calamari rings and I forget what else with a bowl of tartare sauce for dipping

It was beautiful evening , the kind you get after a rain fall – just on sunset – so we sat out side with nearly all the other drinkers and watched as locals drifted in and out

Young and not so young – tattooed girls and shaved headed blokes girls in shorts and blokes in singlets other dressed up a bit some not so much . People turned up in hats others drove up in old Ute’s with dogs on the back – not many small children thankfully. Families met up had a drink and moved on – separated or together , groups constantly changed dynamics, hugging and kissing seemed the norm, and the music played on and the Tooheys Old flowed

All in all a very pleasant pub experience
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