I spent a couple of days in Sydney last weekend and went to the Concordia German Club in Tempe This place has a few German Beers on tap and probably a good few more in bottle though I didn’t investigate that The club was a friendly place, not very busy when we where there but apparently was quite busy the weekend before when it held it s Oktoberfest event
The manager came over and made us feel welcome and gave us a bit of a run down on the history of the place The meals where what you might expect, pork knuckles, big German sausage and plate sized schnitzels place where you can bring the children and apparently your dog to if you felt like it.
I stayed at the mercantile Hotel in the rocks, this is one of my favourite pubs in the area Its Guinness and Kilkenny are usually better than most other places and they have a couple of other less main stream beers on tap
It seems as though it calls itself the oldest Irish pub in Sydney; I wouldn’t know about that because I thing if they didn’t tell you, you might not notice it was one
There are no over the top, try hard, look at me I’m an Irish Pub gimmicks, as a matter of fact if I hadn’t known I would have just thought it was an old style Sydney pub
Though I didn’t have one this time the meals are usually good a fair size and not to expensive I did have breakfast there as part of the accommodation deal and that was good, I am big fan of pub breakfasts hard to come by though they are
This is a good place to stay but the light sleepers may want to invest in ear plugs because setting up for the street markets on the weekend starts at about 4.30am
Also had a couple of beers at the Lowenbrau, the beers are ok and nice to look at as are the bar ladies at this place A point to ponder on though, their Oktoberfest beer special, which was not bad, was the beer I was proudly told, that the six million attenders of the 2009 German Oktoberfest where drinking as we spoke. If this is true this means that all the beer being sold in Germany this month is Lowenbrau Oktoberfest beer, and I find that thought a bit depressing.

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