Visited 05/100/2009

BEERS ON TAP: – Old Brown; VB Gold; VB; Carlton Black; Carlton Draught; Carlsberg; Kilkenny Cream; Guinness; Cascade Light. BEER GARDEN: – Yes, Nice looking small beer garden

BISTRO: – Yes. Appeared to have a big menu and was a very popular place when I was there. Unless there was some area that I didn’t see the dining room seemed a little small


COMMENTS: – Apart from the Kilkenny and Guinness and maybe an Irish Stew you wouldn’t really know this was supposed to be an Irish pub, maybe the décor does lend itself a little to the theme but not much, I would have liked a real Irish beer as well as the usual stand bys which lets face it are available in nearly every second pub now a days. Having said that it is still a very nice little pub with live entertainment, trivia nights and a Tuesday curry night
It is also one of the few pubs I have seen lately that doesn’t have banks of TVs, not one in sight, just music playing just loud enough to hear if you wanted to and to talk over if you wanted to

TOILETS; Terrible; Well below acceptable levels particularly considering the lunch time crowd , Going by the aroma you would be forgiven for thinking it was closing time after a very busy boozy night not a couple of hours after opening time.
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