Beer from Scotland

I had a couple of beers from the Brew Dog Brewery from Scotland while at the Malthouse in Wellington
A Paradox Smokehead and a Paradox Springbank
Both described as a whiskey barrel aged stout at 10%
As far as I can remember the names come from the names of the whiskey that was produced in the barrels
Springbank is even more chocolaty and smoky then the Smokehead.
Definitely need a knife and fork with these beers. With these I begin to see what is meant by chewy
I also had a taste of the whiskeys that the beers where named after and I think you would have to pay a fair bit for a bottle. They where probably among the best whiskeys I have tried but then I am not an expert on them. The whiskey comes from the Isle of Islay I am not sure what part of Scotland the beers come from.
Brew Dog appears to have a full range of beers but I can’t speak about any of the others. They included 3 IPA’s a black lager , a golden ale they chose to call a trashy blonde an ambe ale and a barley wine. The two beers I hade where very expensive at least bought over the bar and while I think I have seen them advertised I dont believe I have ever seen them in any bottlo

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