I sent a letter to the editor of the BEER AND BREWER MAGAZINE and they completely destroyed the main point of my letter. I have reprinted the whole letter with the printed excerpt in bold italics

I had a bit of a talk to you at Sydney Food Show while I was renewing my subscription for your magazine.
I made a few comments which you wrote all round my application but I thought I would add them to this letter.
While I read the magazine completely I find that some of the articles are pitched pretty far above my head, quite technical in fact. I don’t expect you to drop them; maybe the majority of your readers are far in advance of me in the science of brewing. I just take this opportunity to express my point of view.
I consider myself an enthusiast, perhaps a student with a lot more questions than answers. Every time I get a question answered I find that it triggers a whole swag of questions I hadn’t previously thought of and this is what keeps me interested. I have just decided that this makes me a seeker and given the nature of the quest perhaps a stumbling seeker.
I am a home brewer so I suppose that makes me an amateur and as an amateur I don’t know a lot about the craft of the brew master. I know practically nothing about yeasts for instance (I use whatever comes with the kit) or bitterness equalling?? IBU’s (I can guess a bit at this one but I dont know how it is worked out) and one I came across just recently that I didn’t even know existed was, colour equalling?? SRM’s, perhaps I don’t need to know but if they are introduced into the conversation or onto the page then it leaves you out of the loop if you don’t understand, even slightly, the terms. Maybe you could address or re-address the plight of the beginner home brewer.
Magazines and clubs are constantly offering benefits and competitions. I think competitions and the like only benefit the minority at the cost to the majority. Maybe I would think differently if I won anything. (I apparently am entitled to the benefits offered by NRMA; my union; my health fund; my electricity supply company; my superannuation fund ; Coopers Beer Club; telephone & internet provider; coffe cards; magazines and probably some I have forgotten, nearly all offering the same products, nearly all of them totally useless to me. If you like I can prove it.). So I would appreciate a magazine that offered everybody the same deals. Have you noticed how magazines and the like have offers of free gifts to new subscribers which don’t apply to existing ones?
There are lots of avenues for thought and debate that I would like to consider at some time in the future
Such as: draft versus bottle: does Australia brew real English style beer and if so how does it compare: how does Australian wheat beer compare to European wheat beers: can these questions even be answered or does it all depend on the individual drinker.
I recently took a trip to W.A. and while there visited eight craft breweries or brew houses and a few pubs and I have attached a copy of my opinions for you to read should you care to.
Anyhow that has temporarily satisfied my desire to communicate with the beery world and I will leave it for now.

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