I did the Sydney to Surf yesterday, how silly is that?
I went with my daughter and grandson
Anyway that should have run up enough credits for me to spend on a few extra beers for a couple of days at least
At the end of the run or in my case walk we decided to grab a couple of beers and have a reviver. Before we even had times to get the tops completely off, a squad of police came over and told us that Bondi was an alcohol free zone And that we would have to immediately throw away any unopened bottles or cans When asked if we could take them outside the park and drink them we where told no “the whole of Bondi was an alcohol free zone”
Yes you heard correctly, the WHOLE OF BONDI.
I am not bothered about the police action as such as they where only doing their jobs. You could almost forgive them because they where so quick and sharp. However they where very selective as well, because all about us, indeed the group right alongside us, where drinking wine and champagne.
It may be true to say that their bottle where out of site but then ours where opened pretty discreetly too. Maybe it was because they where drinking out of glasses but then we asked if we could use plastic cups and where told, no.
However, Bondi as an alcohol free zone, I don’t think so .
There was no hint of that at the bottle shop, no signs, no warnings, no advice to that effect But then why would there be, it is a bottle shops job to sell bottles.
What about the responsible serving of alcohol laws though, shouldn’t there have been some indication, some warning after all you have to warn against the evils of smoking to cigarette buyers
It seems to me that there is something of a contradiction here, a double standard being applied I don’t recall seeing anything in the Sydney to Surf propaganda
Have these organisers fallen down on their responsibilities? Is Bondi having a two bob each way bet? Because all along the route there were people drinking and partying, sometimes overflowing private property into the road.
Oh! yes and one of the City to Surf sponsers this year is Hahn beeer and was that a beer tant I saw as I was coming up to the last kilometer
Restaurants and pubs had tables set up on the footpath, every seat taken by revellers, most with some kind of apparently banned substance in front of them
After all I didn’t really need a beer, I could have easily made do with something else, and did
But I object to the removal of my rights when it comes to making responsible decisions.
I object to the police state heavy handedness.
I object to the laws being selectively applied.
I object to having my ability to act in a civilised manner questioned .
I object to being treated as a grog swilling anti social potentially violent binge drinker
It appears as though there where seventy five thousand people of both sexes from the ages of new born to ninety eight on a fourteen kilometre charity fun run. On the one hand being lauded as being filled with community spirit, while on the other.
All potentially alcohol fuelled violent anti social psychopaths

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