Its been a couple of weeks since I added anything to these pages as I have been busy writing to the breweries and pubs I visited in W.A

I thought that getting some feedback could be of interest to them.

How wrong was that as I sent of seventeen emails and received only one response

This has irritated me more a little so I am going to try another approach

I think I will buy a bunch of stamps and send off some old fashioned mailI am not sure why all these places bother to have a “contact me” facility on their websites if they are not interested in being contacted.

I still have a few pubs to be enterd but am having a bit of trouble with the photos – I hope it wont be necessary to retrace my tracks and redo them- not that I mind going back the pubs it is just that there are still at least half of the central west pubs to visit and I am going to be a bit stretched to get to any of them before September

I am also going to start a list of beers I have tried starting from the beginning of July that will make the begining of the financial year, this is so that I can remember whats I am doing

About the only place I have been over the last couple of weeks is to the Clovelly Pub

I had a Fat Yak there, not a bad beer

This is a nice pub, it looks very recently done up lots of heavy pale timber furniture massive sitting down area and dining room and the meals where very big.

The Grand View at Wentworth Falls hasn’t got the Old Speckled Hen back yet but it has changed the Stella for Coopers Dark Ale which is a move in the right direction.
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