DATE VISITED 30/12/2008

BEERS ON TAP:_ Tooheys New; VB; Kent Old Brown; XXXX Gold; Hahn Light.

Beer Garden :- No, has a seating and tables on the front veranda with viewa of the common

BISTRO:- Yes Pub Grub:- Same as above. When I was there the cook had gone walkabout so they nipped up the road a couple of k’s to bring one back, sort of country where a bit of a wait does you no harm

ATM:- Yes Accommodation:- Yes,

Comments:- Small country hotel, cheapest beers so far with middies at $2.90.
Village green in front of the hotel complete with weirs and running stream, I like this little pub, I would expect this pub would be favorite with the bike and car clubs, especially in the nice weather. It is also a nice country drive and can be reached from a couple of directions. A bit of dirt to be expected and if coming across from the Oberon district National Park and farming land. If you are undertaking a country pub crawl the distance is not a bad thing because it means you might be able to fit an extra pub in that day

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