DATE VISITED 26/12/2008

BEERS ON TAP:_ VB Bitter; Tooheys Old; Kent Old Brown; XXXX Gold
Tooheys New Hahn Light;.

Featured Beer (Beer Of the Month):_ No

Beer Garden :- More a small courtyard beer garden at the back and an area at the front of the pub which might be called a beer garden. A bit af lawn in the front wiht a couple of chairs and benches which is ok in the warmer months, a bit close to the roads and on full view to passers-by but htat shouldnt worry the weary traveller.

BISTRO:- Yes. A pretty big dining room with also with tables on the glasssed iin verandah. Even though there is afair amount of space it can gat crowded. Be prepared to wait for food, it sometimes seems to take forever to the point where you think you might have been forgotten. But slow food is the way to go in the mountains, but come to think of it it is the only kind of food you can get in the mountains and you can always have anothery from th bar

Pub Grub:- Yes, same menu as bistro

Breakfast:- No

ATM:- Yes

Accommodation:- Yes,

Comments:- I don’t know where the “New” in the name of this pub comes in any because apart for a bit of work on the courtyard I wouldn’t have said there had been change in this place for many years. More of a “Local” but not a bad place for the tourist. Good Art Deco look from the street .Occasional Entertainment. Of the two pubs in Blackheath, this is my preferred option. Has been known to produce a reasonable “Old” . The beers are cheaper than its Blackheath rival and it has open fires for the cooler climes.

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