DATE VISITED 28/12/2008

BEERS ON TAP:_ VB; Reschs Draught; Carlton Black; Cascade Light;. Coopers Pale Ale; Carlsburg

Featured Beer (Beer Of the Month):_ None – “After I had initially visited this pub they put on “Old Speckled Hen” on tap Since taken off and replaced with Stella”

Beer Garden :- Yes: A nice Beer Garden – Courtyard

BISTRO:- Yes :There is a bistro/ Restaurant menu
2 for 1 deal on Monday and Tuesday

Pub Grub:- As above

Accommodation:- Yes.

ATM: Didn’t see one at first then forgot to look will have to check next time

Comments:- Look’s like a nice quiet local pub, but I haven’t seen it on a Saturday
night. Very hot the day I was there so the beer garden was the place to be if you could get
a spot in the shade.
Putting the “Hen” on was the best move a mountain pub had made in years, as it made the Grandview probably the best mountain pub, at least in my view, therefore taking it off was the worst move. Not only a good beer, they served it different glasses than the usual pub glass which made a nice change. I dont think replacing it with Stella was a fair swap. I wrote a letter to the pub as they dont seem to be up to email comments, stating my views but they have as yet failed to respond. so when I catch up on posting the pubs I have so far visisted I will follow up on it.

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