DATE VISITED 13/12/2008

BEERS ON TAP:_ James Squire Golden Ale; VB; Carlton Draught ; Tooheys Old
XXXX Gold; Coopers Ale ;
Hahn Light

Featured Beer (Beer Of the Month):_ Jack Thompsons Stout

Beer Garden :- A bit of seating outside but not what I would call a beer garden

Monday Night $10.00 meal deal

Pub Grub:- Yes

Accommodation:- Yes, ATM:- Yes

Comments:- This is an Art Deco Pub which still retains the look of Art Deco
both inside and outside. There appears to be some work being done on the outside.
The inside needs a lot of work to restore it to past glory.
The Gearins is on the northern side of the railway station and opposite the Council
buildings – this might be on the wrong side of the tracks however this is Katoomba’s
Live music Friday and Saturday Nights – Jack Thompson occasionally gets some of his mates together and holds movie nights. I have never been to one so can’t comment on them. I would expect that there would be quite a few of the local arty folk would be keen on this but I dont know how the regulars feel.

Trivia Nights

This was the first pub I visited on this exercise and so the information will need updating.

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  1. wooooooooo nice place….!!!

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