DATE VISITED 26/12/2008

BEERS ON TAP:_ VB; Reschs; Kent Old Brown; Carlton Black; Cascade Light;.
Pure Blonde; XXXX Gold; Tooheys New; Guinness; Kilkenny Cream

Featured Beer (Beer Of the Month):_ As Guinness and Kilkenny have been available at the Gardiners Inn for several years I wouldn’t call them featured.

Since I first wrote this Kilkenny has gone the way of Stella and an Australian beer called Fat Yak has been put on which is not a bad beer, but a pub like this should be able to do much better in the interesting beer stakes, but I have been told if it is not commercial its not going on , maybe a fair comment but as boring as bat shit to someone who wants a change. This is the pub that when I asked for a Tooheys Old said that it was now a Carlton pub and so Old was off and Carlton Black was on. I was told that as there was no difference between the two, there was nothing to complain about. I said if there was no difference then there was no reason to change. If this is the extent of their knowledge of beer they ought to turn their hands to selling hats.

Beer Garden :- There is some beer garden area but the outside are is mostly an undercover patio area with clear plastic screening walls which suits the climate better

BISTRO:- There is a bistro with a more a restaurant menu than a pub menu at more
Restaurant prices than pub prices. I usually find service slow and indifferent but hen I think indifferent is the best it ever gets and for the price of the food it is not good enough.

Pub Grub:- Not what I would call pub grub, does do counter meals but not the
cheapest or biggest choice.

ATM:- Yes Accommodation:- Yes, some renovation in the rooms has been done recently

Comments:- My view of the Gardiners is that is a pub for the tourist with little or no interest shown in being either a “local” or old school pub ethics.
Occasional live entertainment on special occasions i.e. St Patricks Night
Its hard to believe but I went for lunch on Boxing Day and was told the kitchen
was closed for that day. I went back for lunch on New Years Day only to be told that as it was a public holiday the kitchen was closed for the day . Not bad for a place which claims to be
the spot for the tourist to go. Needless to say I went to the “Ivy” both times for lunch. The Gardiners is not the pub of choice for me in Blackheath. It is however the place a lot of the tourists come too and the also the choice for a fair amount of the dining out locals.

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