DATE VISITED :- 26/01/2009

BEERS ON TAP:_ Tooheys Old; Pure Blonde; VB; VB Gold; Coopers PA Carlton Black; Hahn Super Dry; Redback Wheat :BeezNeez; Cascade Light;

Featured Beer (Beer Of the Month):_ Has Readback and BeezNeez on tap

Beer Garden :- Big beer garden /courtyard

BISTRO:- Yes,– prices about the average- has a ploughman’s lunch on the menu, always a plus as far as I am concerned

Pub Grub:- Bar Menu $6.00 steak; $10.00 special with free middy

Accommodation:- No ATM:- Yes

Comments:- Newly done up interior –probably a popular with the uni students when they are in town. More like a pub you would find in the city than the country. A fair range of beers on tap for a country town. Very hot day when I was there but the plae was a bit empty, it was mid afternoon but this pub looked a bit more nightclub like than an afternoon watering hole

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