DATE VISITED:- 16/01/2009

BEERS ON TAP:_ Tooheys Old; VB; Kent Old Brown; Carlton Draught Tooheys New;

James Squire Amber Ale; Hahn Light

Beer Garden :- Yes BISTRO:- Yes – BBQ Sundays – $10.00 Steaks on Friday

Breakfast:- Yes from 8.30 Pub Grub:- As per Bistro

Accommodation:- Yes, ATM:- Yes

Comments:- Happy Hour. A country style pub. A pub with open fires is always a plus in the mountains though this pub is a good place to sit and have a beer on the verandah when the weather is good. I quite like this pub, can get busy on the weekends and public holidays. It is a popular place for a meal and can big groups, like car clubs or Ulysses type bike mobs. It is a good place for an evening beer on the verandah when it is warm enough to sit outside, and this is Mt Victoria we are talking about, other times there are open fires. This is the last, or the first pub in a mountains pub crawl.

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