VISITED 08/06/2009

BEERS ON TAP:_ Tooheys Old; VB; Carlton Draught; Tooheys New; XXXX; Pure Blonde; Guinness; Cascade Light

Beer Garden :- Yes This pub has a pretty good beer garden with a old chimney style fireplace, looks like it would be a nice place to sit with a mob of friends on all but the coldest evenings

BISTRO:- Yes. Has both lunch and dinner menu’s, meals start from about $15. Coffee machine
Pub Grub:- Same as above

Accommodation:- Yes, ATM:- Yes

Comments:- I didn’t like this pub much at first .It seemed to be faux Aussie, faux old, faux everything. I can understand that pubs, as much as any other establishment, and considering their age maybe more than most need refurbishment to survive. I am not sure I can see the point in taking an old pub and re-doing it to make it look old. However after looking around the pub I started to change my mind a bit, still not a fan of the fauxness but the pub has a friendly feel about it, not just the beer garden but the restaurant and pub as well. If it was to take a punt I would say that this pub would appeal to the women customer, both tourist as well as local. Another pub for a cold afternoon.

Toilets; Fair to reasonable

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